After the Hidden Kicker Session that went down last Saturday, the Spring Classics aren't over yet for long and so there are still plenty of events happening that invite you to a sunny spring session in the slush of the Kauntertal glacier.

Make Your Own Video Everybody who has a handycam or a professional video camera is welcome to take part in this competition and show us their impressions from and experiences of the Spring Classics 2009! Every Spring Classics video that’s being put on youtube until the end of June 2009 will take part – the team with the most hits will get great prices!

Perfect Day with the Ästhetiker Even the pros are looking forward to chill and some pow days after a long season with many contests. Spring Classics offers you the chance to win a perfect day with 2 members of the legendary Ästehtiker crew outta Zillertal on May 9th 2009! Eöhh...

Eye5 Eye5 is an artist group founded by photographer Daniel Zangerl and pro rider Daniel Driesslre. Within this project different artists get to work on astonishing action shots and bring them to another level with their art. The first results will be presented during Spring Classics 09 to already get an impression on what will be waiting for you at the complete exhibition at Kaunertal Opening 09!

Butter Bei Die Fische contest – Sat. May 23rd 2009

Big party at the Kaunertal Center on May 9th 2009 As every year there will bet he big party with live bands Mr. Nice and Superpursuitemode at the Kaunertal Center during the Spring Classics.

Please find updates on the DJ program in the valley and up on the mountain soon on