Yes, you read that right. Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend have gone all-in for social media and have announced their new team flick will be called #Forum. Judging by their recent efforts, we'd say this film will be #banging.

If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to have a look at the full parts from Vacation - their movie last year. Bangers for days.

Here's the official communique...

#Forum (pronounced, should you be wondering, “Hashtag Forum") is the brand new flick dropping October 2012. A short film of A-grade bangers is sure to please the most internet savvy riders, as well as the not-so-digitally inclined. Already start following the hype online as one of the best teams in snowboarding does it again.

Available only on iTunes as digital download, #Forum brings out the best from #andreaswiig #patmoore #jakewelch #nicsauve #steviebell #austensweetin #campierce #alekoestreng #mariokaeppeli #danielek and a few more #riders. More info on teaser drop dates, tour schedule, and world premiere coming soon. In the meantime, get your social media game on lock and #Forum.

For more on this year’s new short film, check out the World Wide Web @forumsnowboards.com, @special-blend.com and @foursquareouterwear.com.