When we posted that the Burn Snowpark Rally 2011 kicked off we wanted you to go outside and shoot photos with your friends, and not have you constantly update your Facebook status to say "WANT 2 SHRED!" or something equally retarded. Now look at this mess: There's this great photo comp and you've got only one week left to submit your pictures for the first mission! Now have at it, will ya!

For some inspiration we've picked some of the better submissions so far. Our photo ed Sami refused to help us select them. As one of the judges he will keep his opinion to himself until the very end...

Here's how it works:

1. Check out the video mission briefing – your first mission is:


2. Round up your friends, go on the mountain and get creative with your cam. It doesn’t matter if you use a SLR or a simple digicam. More important is your idea and the execution of the given task!

3. Then you simply upload the picture on The upload period for this mission is from 15th December 2010 until 17th January 2011.

4. After the upload period the judges will award the best 5 pictures.

5. Win cool prizes!

Good luck!