The folks of the Toggenburger Crew are expanding their offerings and present some new attractions. Since 2001 the Toggenburger youth project is expanded anually, which is possible through the Bergbahnen Wildhaus and the Toggenburg Tourism Office on the one hand side, and the longtime sponsors like the main sponsor Burton, on the other, which boost their confidence year after year.

The Funpark at the Wildhauser Freienalp saw a few new additions: a new 8 m long straigh rail, a 5 m pickick table, a 5 m jib box and a jib barrel. The park is scheduled to open on December 20. All in all it contains 18 obstacles spread out on more than 30,000 square meters. During the season it's open daily and a park-bully and a crew of 3 shapers work regularly on the set-up.

The highlight of the coming season is going to be the "Warmtobel Jam" from March 12 to 15, a completly new kind of event that is taking place in a 1,7 km long natural funpark. For further information go to their website.