Watch the top three runs from men's Slopestyle qualifications at the Winter X Games Norway in Hafjell.

The Winter X Games Norway is on right now, and for the event's second outing it's moved to the resort of Hafjell. Pub fact: you might even recognise the dude in the trees from the 1995 Lillehammer Winter Olympics, and it appears these days he's flipping the bird to the world.

Men's slope qualifiers went down earlier today, so below this check the runs of the top three - Sven Thorgren, Seb Toutant and Max Parrot. As you'd expect from the qualis, the dudes' big guns are being kept for Finals, but there were still some hammers thrown all over the place "like it's a construction site." We never want to work construction with Craig McMorris...

Women's slope finals start at 17.00 CET, with the men dropping from 18.45 CET on the ESPNternet.

X Games Norway Men's Slopestyle Qualification 1st Place - Sven Thorgren

Swedish Sven kicks off his run with a cheeky roller butter before blitzing through the rails and kickers, and finishes off with a Half-Cab double backie tucknee - honestly we've never seen one of those before.

X Games Norway Men's Slopestyle Qualification 2nd Place - Sebastien Toutant

X Games Norway Men's Slopestyle Qualification 3rd Place - Max Parrot