The first ever World Snowboarding Championships has come to a close and the inaugural winners crowned. If you weren't glued to the idiot box watching the live stream, watch how it went down. If you were, relive all the action from the top 3 runs in each discipline.

Despite some lacklustre riding in the early rounds and the premature exit of some big names, the latter stages of the World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo's Vinterpark certainly kicked up a gear. Although the riding level in the slopestyle was clearly affected by the bulletproof conditions, Chas Guldemond and Spencer O'Brien both stomped heavy runs to take the win on their last runs, while the pipe - described by more than one person as the 'best halfpipe ever' - was hands down insane. Kelly Clark was pushed hard by young Spaniard Queralt Castellet but her monster front 10 sealed the deal, while Iouri Podladtchikov's heavy doubled up tech edged out the ridiculous height Matt Ladley was sending his rotations. The quarterpipe was great to see after a hiatus of a couple of years, and Olivier Gittler took the overall title, with Kim-Rune Hansen winning best trick and some old guy called Terje bagging the highest air.

Enjoy all the video highlights of the runs that mattered.



1 - Iouri Podladtchikov

2 - Matt Ladley

3 - Louie Vito


1 - Kelly Clark

2 - Queralt Castellet

3 - Gretchen Bleiler


1 - Chas Guldemond

2 - Seb Toutant

3 - Seppe Smits


1 - Spencer O'Brien

2 - Jamie Anderson

3 - Enni Rukajärvi