The World Rookie Finals have previously crowned a whole list of names that later went on to dominate the highest levels of snowboarding. So it would be worth remembering the names Jonas Bösinger and Katerina Vojackova, they're going to start popping up all over the shop. Last week they took top honours in their age categories at the World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, where standards were ludicrously high. Just check the highlights reel - these kids are laying down runs that would have challenged at the X Games not all so long ago. And they're not just hurling through the course, there's style in there too. They're 15 for flip sake. If rookies need doubles to get on the podium, it's safe to say the future's bright for slopestyle competition. Watch out for these guys at our Onboard Send Off Session very shortly.

Full results below


- Jonas Bösiger and Katerina Vojackova are the 2013 World Rookie Champions -
A perfectly shaped Ischgl Snowpark hosted the most amazing challenge ever for the titles of 2013 World Rookie Champion. The level in the final was extremely high and all the riders pushed their limits starting from the early morning trainings with double to double, corks and huge back side rodeo from the first and second jumps. The competition format was judging in overall impression, with 3 run each rider, best run counted for the final ranking.
Among the male rookies Jonas Bösiger from Swiss resulted the best rider of the day and got the title of 2013 WSF World Rookie Champion with a run including Back 1080 Double Cork, Frontside 720, 50-50 backside 360 out on the pole kicker, huge Method on the hip, Backside boardslide and frontside 50-50 front 360 out on the multi jib obstacle. For the girls Katerina Vojackova from Czech Republic won the 2013 WSF World Rookie Champion title with huge Backside and Frontside 360, 50-50 Indy on the Pole-Kicker, Backside air on the hip, Backside Boardslide and Front-Tail slide to Fakie on the final jib obstacle.
In the male grom category Norwegian Isak Ulstein won with Backside720, Frontside 720, Backside Rodeo5, Halfcab mute, 50-50 to Backside Noseblunt and frontside 50-50 to frontside 360out, while Taelor Mattingley from USA was the best grom girl with Stalefish, Backside 360, Method, Frontside air on the hip, 50-50 and 50-50 nose slide in the jib area.
"I saw an incredible level of riding at today finals. I knew the rookies here were good, but I didn't expect such an high level" said Air & Style founder Andrew Hourmont at the prize giving ceremony."Some of this rookies already ride like Pros." ended Andrew.
During the prize giving were awarded prizes for an overall value of 15.000€: 2 all inclusive trips to the 2013 Australian Rookie Fest in Tredboo, a wildcard to the next season Air & Style, a wildcard to the upcoming Red Bull Innsnowation in Val Senales, Italy, a filming session with Pirate Movie Productions, invitations to the Onboard Send Off Session photoshooting, many invitation to the 2014 World Rookie Tour events in Livigno, Monte Bondone and Ischgl, and many other prizes by the sponsor of the event Volkl, Pieps, Ischgl and Blue-Tomato.

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Rank Bib G/R Last Name First Name Nationality

1 27 R Ulstein Isak NOR

2 34 R Preissinger Maximilian GER

3 71 R Khadarin Vladislav RUS

4 47 G Perchla Stefan NOR

5 97 R Cummin Colin USA

6 31 R Gjerdalen Bendik NOR

7 28 R Vaagsdal Mathias NOR

8 80 R Gauger Wendelin SUI

9 98 G Grant Matthew USA

10 64 R Gschaider Simon AUT

11 45 G Amsüß Moritz GER

12 9 G Vandeweyer Stef BEL

13 68 G Kaspar Daniel CZE

14 10 R Gruenwald Tobias GER

15 93 G Poboril Lukas CZE

16 36 R Kautner Samuel GER

17 95 R Stock Andreas AUT

18 12 R Gruenwald Max GER

19 19 G Kaufmann Moritz AUT

20 8 G Morauskas Motiejus LTU

21 72 G Olivieri Federico ITA

22 63 G Mitrev Simeon BUL

23 35 G Ulrici Leonhard GER

24 70 G Rovensky Jan CZE

25 88 G Freinademetz Santiago ROU

26 53 G Stante Tit SLO

27 92 R Salac Kristian CZE

28 25 R Eckhoff Mathias NOR

29 7 G Fricz Botond HUN

DNS 22 R Wakita Tomoki JPN

DNS 81 G Cédric Neff SUI


Rank Bib G/R Last Name First Name Nationality

1 100 Mattingley Taelor USA

2 18 R Iwabuchi Reira JPN

3 52 R Verdnik Kaja SLO

4 29 R Kjoell Eilertsen Hanne NOR

5 44 G Nymoen Ingvild NOR

6 33 R Liberg Frisvold Nora NOR

7 83 R Wicki Berenice SUI

8 46 G Kralj Eva SLO


Rank Bib G/R Last Name First Name Nationality

1 15 R Vojackova Katerina CZE

2 85 G Djukic Lea SUI

3 86 G Petrig Celia SUI

4 21 R Yoshika Yuri JPN

5 90 R Herleiksplass Karoline NOR

6 32 G Andersen Nora NOR

7 66 G Rofner Birgit AUT

8 24 R Sato Aya JPN

9 39 R Nymoen Kristine NOR

10 11 R Skjøtskift Synne NOR

11 84 G Petrig Ramona SUI

12 99 Mattingley Hailee USA

13 65 G Thurnes Sarah AUT

DNS 4 G Whitehead Laura AUS

DNS 14 G Augustinova Diana CZE

DNS 61 R Sternat Johanna AUT


Rank Bib G/R Last Name First Name Nationality

1 74 R Bösiger Jonas SUI

2 48 R Gron Petter NOR

3 54 R Krals Jan SLO

4 87 G Coultas Rowan GBR

5 79 G Bürki Simon SUI

6 67 R Dusan Kriz CZE

7 37 R Pohjonen Thomas FIN

8 77 R Schärer Michael SUI

9 51 G Escobar Andre CHI

10 94 R Røisland Mons NOR

11 30 R Eilertsen Haakon NOR

12 75 R Stecher Menduri SUI

13 69 R Kleivdal Stian NOR

14 38 R Savolainen Niko FIN

15 89 R Hagen Ole Christian NOR

16 17 R Inamura Keita JPN

17 58 R Lindmoser Alois AUT

18 23 R Inamura Tatsuki JPN

19 1 R Bosch Anthon SWE

20 57 R Kundratitz Philip AUT

21 5 R Bratberg Sigurd NOR

22 16 G Bakken Marius NOR

23 60 R Schumy Marc AUT

24 50 R Benno Plank ITA

25 20 R Reitsamer Simon AUT

26 91 R Sundfor Fredrik NOR

27 76 G Menth Ralph SUI

28 59 R Buchacher Christian AUT

29 73 R Maffei Alberto ITA

30 62 G Mihaylov Georgi BUL

31 56 R Kral Kros Max SLO

32 3 R Lerånd Kristoffer NOR

33 26 R Johannessen Simen Nicolay NOR

34 82 G Hermann Yannick SUI

35 96 G Hörtnagel Roland AUT

DNS 102 Raymer Max USA