The World Championships of Snowboarding (WCS) is the proper World Champs, not the weird stuff the FIS make everyone do to ride the Olympics – no, this is the one put on by the World Snowboard Tour/TTR. The inaugural event went down almost four years ago in Oslo, and they're gearing up for round 2 in Yabuli, China, in 2016.

We just got blasted with the plans for the Slopestyle course, so thought we'd share 'em with ya. Looks like the location doesn't allow for the speed you'd need to mix in the rail sections with the kickers (it's three straight jumps followed up with what looks to be a pretty epic assortment of jibs for the riders to pick lines through), but all the jumps offer the option to hit the side trannies to transfer onto the landing, which as we saw in Perisher over the summer, adds to the amount of creative spice the riders are able to season their runs with.

More when we get it, but for now here's what the WST have to say...

The World Championships of Snowboarding (WCS) is the pinnacle snowboarding event organized by TTR Pro Snowboarding and the World Snowboard Federation. The WCS crowns snowboarding’s true World Champions in the disciplines of Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air. It is a high calibre celebration of the sport held every 4 years, bringing together 400 riders representing 43 WSF Member Nations, staged by alternating resort locations around the world. In 2016, Yabuli resort, the largest winter sports resort in China will host the 2nd edition of the World Championships of Snowboarding.