When: March 10-14th, 2010

Where: Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen, Austria


A mixture of blue skies, a sick course and cold temperatures greeted everyone for the opening day of the Wängl Tängl 2010 in Mayrhofen.

And even with the dates clashing with this year’s European X Games in Tignes there is still a good turnout of riders and industry folk and the opening day practise session went down with a bang.

One of the sickest slopestyle features ever built for a contest in the form of the ‘Cradle’ sits at the bottom of the course and has multiple hits, jibs and possible lines for riders to take. Match this up with the famous Mayrhofen ‘Channel Gap’ and 2 phat kickers (that usually make up part of the pro kicker line) and you can see why the Wängl Tängl has a reputation for being one of the more innovative competitions out there in terms of the course and hits offered. Multiple hits were had on the Cradle and an array of tech spins went down over the kickers and channel gap keeping the crowds and us industry people entertained and giving us a taste of what to expect on Friday when the main competition aspect to this event, the Gäng Jäm, goes down.

Check some of the pics below of a taste of what the course looks like and some of the tricks going down on the features.

More photos and reports to come, as well as a review of the Artspace Opening which features top artists like A-Designs, Atzgerel and Permanent Unit.

- Craig Scrivener

Gäng Jäm Team List


Steve Gruber AUT Goofy

Werni Stock AUT Regular

Georg Huber AUT Regular

Ä-Team 2

Chris Kröll AUT Regular

Rudi Kröll AUT Regular

Alex Walch AUT Regular

Black & White

Reini Rieser AUT Regular

Mario Wanger AUT Regular

Klocker Tom AUT Regular


Thomas Eberharter AUT Goofy

Peter Ström SWE Regular

Florian Heim AUT Regular


Clemens Schattschneider AUT Regular

Janosz Piotrek POL Regular

Mathias Weissenbacher AUT Regular


Joonas Mustonen FIN Goofy

Ethan Morgan GER Regular

Simon Gruber ITA Goofy

The Gentleman

Scott McMorris UK Regular

Jamie Nicholls UK Goofy

James Carr UK Goofy


Herby Thaler AUT Regular

Michi Stanschitz AUT Regular

Phillip Gruber AUT Regular


Lukas Blaser CH Goofy

Pascal Imhof CH Regular

Reto Kestenholz CH Goofy

Les tous de balles

Valérian Ducourtil FRA Regular

Tonton Holland CH Regular

Bruno Rivoire FRA Regular


Stephan Wimmer AUT Regular

Robert Wallner AUT Regular

Wojtek Pawlusiak POL Goofy

Gummi Love

Beltracchi Davide CH Regular

Luca Kuppelwieser CH Regular

Corsin "Cuga" Simeon CH Regular


Gary Greenshields UK Regular

Sindre Iversen NOR Goofy

Tobi Strauss D Goofy


Stefano Munari ITA Regular

Marco Concin ITA Regular

Lorenzo Buzzoni ITA Goofy


Yannick Sleeckx BEL Goofy

Joey van der Tak NED Regular

Philipp Frötscher AUT Regular


Daniel Mösl AUT Regular

Michael Öfner AUT Regular