When: Sat 19th of January 2008

Where: Bardonecchia, Italy

The second edition of the most important halfpipe event in Italy, created and organised by the FIAT Freestyle Team, has drawn to a close. As expected, the event was a huge success: more than 10,000 people attended the mega-concert and the electrifying snowboard contest, which featured riders like Markku Koski, Freddy Austbo, Peetu Piiroinen, Markus Keller and Gary Zebrowski, and went wild to "Juliette & The Licks".

Third place went to the Swiss rider, Youri Podladtchikov, second place to the Finnish rider, Markus Malin, but the rider who totally dominated Bardonecchia’s Olympic halfpipe was Peetu Piiroinen, the Finnish athlete who dazzled everyone with his technique and precision riding.

The four judges, Giacomo Kratter, Tato Chiala, Alvaro Dal Farra and Enrico Predeval, had the tremendously tough task of marking extremely high standards of riding and an incredible variety of tricks.

The special "Highest Air" prize was won by our very own "Munni", Stefano Munari, the young Italian rider who was allowed a wildcard to take part in the contest; whilst the New-Zealander James Hamilton earned himself the prize for "Best Trick" with a cab 1080 nose grab.

And finally, "Rocker of the Spot" went to the band Dufresne as they definitely rocked everyone at this spot with their unique brand of energy.


1. Peetu Piiroinen 2. Markus Malin 3. Youri Podladtchikov 4. Markku Koski 5. Janne Korpi 6. Frederik Austbo 7. Markus Keller 8. Stefano Munari 9. Manuel Pietropoli 10. Ben Stewart 11. Roger Kleivdal 12. Gary Zebrowski 13. Luke Wynen 14. Sergio Berger 15. James Hamilton 16. Olivier Gittler 17. Per Iver Grimsrud 18. Daniel Friberg 19. Jean Jacques Roux 20. Kim-Rune Hansen 21. Mikka Hast 22. Jeremy Thompson 23. Isaac Verges 24. Michal Ligocki 25. Thomas Delfino 26. Robin Duran 27. Fabian Fassnacht 28. Marek Sasiadek

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