When: March 8-14th, 2009

Where: Oberstdorf, Bavaria, Germany

From March 8th-14th the WhiteStyleAddicts camps started a second round. In six days we created a pretty cool atmosphere around the german alpcentre Oberstdorf with 17 "shredaddicts".

Thanks to our sponsors the participants were able to try new stuff every day, combined with the super snow conditions throughout the whole season we were looking forward to a super cool week.

As the coaches' skills were very versatile, we were able to adjust the camp programme perfectly to the current conditions and next to hitting kickers, rails and boxes they also taught the campers some powder techniques and security in the backcountry. There were also several evening-options: if your veins were still soaked with adrenalin you got the chance to use the extra energy up on the trampoline and if you had already switched to chill out mode you could just sit down and watch videos from the day with the coaches to try and figure out every mistake. And of course there was much partying with to the smooth beats of "DJ Konichiwua"

On the last day the camp attendants had the chance to show their new learned skills in a relaxed contest, with funny competitions like "highest ollie" , "How low can you go?" and showing tricks on three different kickers.

The WhiteStyleAddicts teams says special thanks to all their sponsors and everyone attending the week!