When: 30 April - 2 May 2009

Where: Ruka, Finland

Simo Rautava Is Heading From Wappulounas To Bali

It was a long weekend as Wappulounas took place at Ruka from April 30th to May 2nd. The winner of over-all was Simo "Simppis" Rautava who took with him a brand new Rip Curl surfboard and a surf trip to Bali by A Senne. The winner was surprised, but happy: after all, this’ll be his second time abroad!

This year at the most famous Finnish snowboard happening snowboarders competed on a monster hip, at The Battery Snowman Jam and Rip Curl D.O.N.K.E.Y. – and riders were on fire! At the hip people threw themselves in the air and didn’t seem to care if they were able to ride the following day. It was Antti Autti who took home the victory with his technical and variable riding. Hanna Laukkanen was the ruler on the women.

At The Battery Snowman Jam was built a highly versatile playground with pools, gaps and lots of weird jumps. Also Battery Catapult was there giving speed, so it was a day full of action. Antti Autti was there again showing what he got with getting awarded of the best lines, Segei Tarasov Jr. from Russia got awarded of the highest airs and the best female rider was Hanne Kauko. But it was Jani Isaksson who got awarded as Mr Snowman with getting the best out of the whole playground.

Saturday was the last day and it was held the day of D.O.N.K.E.Y. Riders were on fire as it was the last day of the season for the most. There were lots of technical tricks to do, but it was hard to find the winner as nearly everyone nailed nearly every trick in a book. After a long day winner was eventually clear: it was Hans Kestilä who took home the victory last year too. The best rider of women was Hanne Kauko who also won the over-all.

Wappulounas is nothing without good parties, and they were great! As the sun was shining and people were happy it was hard not to party. Bar Piste hosted the night-parties with performers as Top Billin’, Kemmuru, Highway Burns, Sweepin’ Tones and Relentless made the crowd dance. At the best there were over 900 people at Piste so they were sweaty nights!

Wappulounas was great as always, and especially the Wappulounas Crew and digger driver Arska did awesome jobs. Cheers and see you next year!

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