Snowboarders’ favorite Finnish event will be held in Ruka at May 1st to 3rd. There’s always a party going on at slopes, terrace and evening parties.

At Ruka since 2006 and altogether for over 15 years Wappulounas has gathered snowboarders to end a season at Wappulounas with huge parties. May 1st to 3rd Wappulounas kicks Ruka full of chill snowboarding and after-parties on terrace and nightclub. The slopes will be full of obstacles only found at Wappulounas and the atmosphere is on the roof. Precisely for those reasons Wappulounas has been selected five times in a row the Finnish event of the year, the latest at Spine Magazine Awards.

Jeppe Rontti. Photo: Jani Karppa

And there are the amazing snowboard competitions, too. Because of the chill mood the riding is top notch, with loads of great riders, such as Peetu Piiroinen and Janne Korpi. Also, the overall title of Wappulounas, winning is respected title. You get fame and glory but also the winner goes to Asenne surf camp at Bali with a new Asenne board.

Mini spider bauss Elias Hämäläinen. Watch out for this kid. Photo: Jani Karppa

The program will be announced closer to Wappulounas, but the mystery behind the curtain can be revealed that the tradition for the team competition will be continued. On the event, not only the best riders are awarded but also the best costumes. From recent years, costumes such as Lappish people and hillbillies are ones to remember.

Also, videos are in an important role of Wappulounas. This year is Antti Autti is filming for his new project Approach & Attack ( and the French Bangin ' Bees ( are filming at Wappulounas. In addition, there will be some special material revealed.

More flipping out, this time from Joel Lahti. Photo: Jani Karppa