Antti Autti's been a busy man on the video front lately, and following on from his highlights of his Antti's World Cup he's just dropped the edit from the 'best event in Finland and probably in the world!' - Wappulounas.

If you've never heard of Wappulounas, it's the traditional end-of-season gathering of the whole Finnish snowboard scene in Ruka, where the crew shape up a fun bunch of shred terrain and they hold a contest that's seemingly about who can manage to ride best with several gallons of booze still in their gut from the night before. If you know Finnish people, you'll know this is no obstacle to throwing down the hammers and so in what could be loosely called a contest - really it's more about seeing out the season in style with buddies - Antti, Joel Lahti, Miikka Hast, Janne Lipsanen and way more of Finland's finest send it in the awesome setup.