Take a look at some of the madness that went down at the Finnish snowboard event/gathering/no pants party that is Wappulounas.

Wappulounas has achieved legendary status in Finland, no thanks to its loose, no holds barred attitude and incredible party atmosphere. The Banging Bees were there to document the 4 days and nights of non-stop partying in Ruka, Lapland and we guess they did a pretty good job! Methods on snow-boobs, a who's-who of Finnish snowboarding in attendance and plenty of beer chugging.

Check out the part 1 recap above and stay tuned for part 2 dropping soon!

Featuring the riding of Markku Koski, Jani Sorasalmi, Antti Autti, Antti Komulainen, Sami Luhtanen, Toni Kerkelä, Tero Manninen, Nuutti Niemelä, Julien Rochette, Aleksi Partanen, Joel Lahti and Henri Petteri Laakkonen.