When: Sat 8th of March 2008

Where: Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen

Despite positive vibes the sun was not showing up today. Nevertheless the finals of this year's Wängl Tängl were very bright.

Actually the semi-finals were supposed to start at 11 a.m. today but an icy park (the temperatures had dropped dramatically last night) and flat light led to the decision to delay the start for an hour and wait for better weather like the forecast had predicted. Indeed it got a little bit better at noon and the 24 riders got ready for their three runs - first "kicker line", than "alternative line" and last they had the choice between the two. "Andreas Gidlund will take it home today, that's for sure!", Tyler Chorlton said in the morning, himself being a hot bet for the winner's pot. He should get money for his job as clairvoyant...

Now I already told you the most important news of today - Andreas Gidlund receiving a cheque over 2600 US dollars! "Why is he only getting 2600 dollars when the prize money for the first place was actually 12.000?", I hear you asking. Well, that is why snowboarding is snowboarding and not cross country skiing! After everybody had two runs but the weather getting worse, the organiser decided to call it a day, only judge the semi-finals and asked the riders for their opinions. The majority agreed, chose to split the prize money and ordered the first beers. "I'm happy with this decision", said Austrian rider Herby Thaler. "Nobody got injured so far and it was an amazing contest."

Indeed it was! Andreas Gidlund deservedly won (and not only took home some bucks but also a Suzuki FMX bike!) as he was already killing it for the last two days and stepped it up today with a perfect landed FS 10 on the first kicker and a 50-50 FS 180 switch 50-50 on the 18 metre down rail. Second place went to Elias Elhardt, a young German rider, who got some serious steeze - the crowd went mad when he did a super tweaked BS 5 Japan. Go Elias! Last but not least Wolle - ehöööö - Nyvelt became third a very smooth alternative line, including a 180 over the Suzuki car, followed by a Nosegrab out of the berm to a BS 180 in the small quarter and a clean FS 7 Japan over the big kicker. And he rode the cradle as stylish as probably only Wolle, the very own designer of this obstacle, can ride it...

But with a such innovative contest as the Wängl Tängl, there were more than only three winners: Tyler Chorlton got the award for the best trick (double frontflip), Stefan Gimpl for the best line (FS 10 Indy, a FS 5 and a Cab 9) and Andreas Gidlund for the best rail trick (50-50 FS 180 switch 50-50).

Also worth mentioning are a lot of the other riders like Tommy Savela who has got the best Backside 5 in the business, Antti Piirainen being the only one going into the pipe (that actually wasn' t part of the official line) or Tom Klocker with his high and super stylish stiffy into the Taco.

I hope you guys get a good party tonight - thank you all for the show!

In the moment, I'm writing this, I'm sitting in the car to Garmisch, where the GAP Session will hopefully blow our minds, too, tonight...

More information on the Wängl Tängl 2008: www.aesthetiker.com/tour/2008

Melanie Schönthier