When: Sat 12th of April 2008

Where: Grindelwald, Switzerland

This past weekend, kids of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and shades of neon-colored steez ventured to the Jungfrau region of Switzerland for the 2008 PBRJ Finals. Volcom Switzerland, led by “Snöber-Billy" had arranged for an amazing set-up right underneath the north face of the infamous Eiger Mountain.

This being Europe, we of course also provided all qualified riders with free dinner Friday night, 2 days of accommodation and breakfast on Saturday morning. Picture 60+ kids, sponsored riders and less than a handful parents all scattered over one youth hostel (that was closing down the Sunday after the event and had to drain the bar for the summer, but that’s another story)

On contest day, Saturday morning, we awoke to 20 cm+ of powder, so everyone was stoked to get a few final pow runs in before the comp started.

Then, once the event kicked off, the level was turned up to eleven, right from the start. One of the local St. Bernhard dogs got so excited by all the commotion it nearly jumped on the rails itself.

Some of the riders trick bags were deeper than all of Keanu Reeve’s movies added together… At times, we were shown more tricks than there’s room for on a single rail, here are some of the highlights: - Mattias Nordby, last year’s junior winner winner; Rouge nose tap 180 to 5050, 180 switch 5050 tail tap 180 off - Anssi Pateero, wrong way front 270 to back lip - One foot front board by Fred Perry - Front board pretzel the down rail by little Jessie, the forum rider - Marc Swoboda back 1 to switch 5050 switch back 1 out. & wrong way front 1 to switch 5050 front board danish on the double down. - Lucy Passmore gap to down on double kink, - Front board danish on the down flat down by Yvonne Denne

While all this went down, our immaculate speakers Henry & Jon made their outmost to keep everyone entertained, even the parents. The parents had to play air guitar and work for their freebies, as in doing crawling, running and shoulder back laps around the course, priceless. Nobody went home hungry as we were spoiled with Swiss specialties and burgers all day, I think I had at least 3.

In the end though, just as the clouds cleared to reveal the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and the Jungfrau in the background, 4 riders ended up winning tickets to the US PBRJ Champs and a chance to walk away with some of the 40.000 USD up for grabs. The winner of the Men’s Senior Division, Marc Swoboda, pulling the amazing task of winning, in spite of riding someone else’s board, after breaking his own in the qualifiers.


Girls: 1. Kari opsal Mæland 2. Anais Cettou 3. Dina Teland 4. Helen Nadig 5. Lucy Passmore 6. Nora Hodel 7. Carmen Beccaro 8. Yvonne Denne

Juniors (under 15 yrs) 1. Øivind Andersen 2. Augustin Jesse 2. Wille Cees 4. Sindre Hoff 5. Lucas Baume 6. Emil Smits 7. Max Wettstein 8. Edu Barnid 9. Filippo Maquignaz

Seniors 1. Mark swoboda 2. Anssi Paatero 3. Frederik Perry 4. Gerben Verveij 5. Mathias Nordby 6. Dominik Wagner 7. Basti Takas 8. Hugo Vennmyr 9. Etan Morgan 10. Tom Guilward 11. Simon Bircher 12. Jani Savasalami 13. Joachim Krogstie 14. Daniel Rajcsamgi 15. Rafael Nunez Espinosa