When: Sat 10th of January 2009

Where: Gaissau-Hintersee, Austria

When the crew arrived in Salzburg it was a freezing -15°C outside and we were already shaking at the thought of the next day, the day of the first European PBRJ stop: Salzburg.

The Boardshop Seidl Park in the middle of the Gaissau-Hintersee resort was awaiting us in prime shape as we arrived there the next morning. Due to stationary temperature inversions in the northern alps the temperatures in the park were way above those down in the valley and after setup and registration the shredding took it's course. A good 70 kids were ready to battle it out Samurai- Style and some paid with blood…

But not too much, for a broken wrist was the only real injury to occur during the contest.

The setup consisted of a flat-down rail, a barrel and a downrail. It was flanked by our tents with the BBQ and the mega 3D stone towering over the setup on the roof of the little park cabin.

During the heats kids started to go nuts and soon they started gapping the flat part of the flat down rail with technical combos. The downrail saw even more spin-on/ spin off action.

Even PBRJ regular Anssi Paatero from Finland made it to Salzburg! To do spins onto rails the hard way has pretty much become THE way for those future kids to ride rails. Also we saw method-outs, rodeo-overs and all sorts of weird moves as well as 360 bonks, 360 handplants and a rarely seen sandwich-devouring fastplant during best trick.

Yes that's correct, even with a change in the PBRJ concept, as we saw how much fun the kids were having and after checking our give-away boxes, we dicided to run the best trick anyways on the giant truck tire.

To round it up we ran the infamous otterslide contest, where kids could put on plastic overalls made from garbage bags and slide on their bellies against each other to victory or shame!


15 and under

1. Lorenz Resch 2. Stefan Wolff 3. Thomas Eder

16 and older

1. Moritz Neuhaeusler 2. Anssi Paatero 3. Daniel Limmer

Best girl:

1. Vanessa Waldenhofer

Best trick:

1. Anssi Paatero

Electric gooyest move of the day: Matthias Weissenbacher

After the price giving and a savage product toss we broke down camp and stuffed everything back in the giant box to be picked up by the mighty kaessbohrer later on. And later it got… and later.. and later. Still no PistenBully in Sight… Good thing the austrians have plenty of Umbrella bars stocked with drinks for us! Finally we rode down the dark mountain on freshly groomed trails under a full moon and clear skies. What an end of a great day!

Many thanks go to Seidl Boardshop AT, Modulparks Flo, Jakob, Kattl Gappmayer,Mad Martin Winchenbach, Nic Mompfred, Jeronimo Redeker, Chris Wilkens, Simon "number runner" Stiegler, Alex Pfeffer, Jan Klock as well as our supporters Electric, Vans and Nitro