As a great season ender for 2014, Marion haerty, Valerian Ducourtil, Thomas Delfino, Enzo Nilo, JJ Roux and Vans team manager Bruno Rivoire gathered from March 29 to 31 in Super Devoluy (Hautes Alpes) on a pretty sick set up presented by Vans.

“Ride The Snake" is a unique snowboard meeting, a session where the goal is simple: to tame the famous snake! Designed especially for the occasion and shaped by the ex pro rider Brynild Vulin and in collaboration with Vans and Act magazine, the spot was amazingly creative, as you can see on the video. For those who had some imagination and who like curves, a multitude of options and different lines are offering to you. Curves, BBQ, sun and good atmosphere were there! For this closing season trip, the Vans team riders had a blast, and advise you to be there next Spring for the next 'Ride The Snake'!

Filmed & Edited by Fred Marchadier

Photo Credit : David Tchag - Act magazine

Music : The Diplomats of Solid Sounds - Smash up

Tyler on the Snake.

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