Buckle up, Mayrhofen, the Vans Hi Standard's on its way to change the pace. Pop up to Penken and pick up some particularly pretty prizes this Saturday. It's Big Air with a twist - not a triple cork: anything over a 7 won't count, and there's minus points for repeating a trick. And there's a railjam too where style wins, and even if you've got none then fear not - there are prizes for the worst tricks too. It all seems very warm spirited, which fits nicely with the boozy barbeque session they've lined up at the Grillhof and there'll be no shortage of spirits at Scotland Yard afterwards either. And they've imported DJ Flippstarr off of Berlin to play some Adult Rap for us, so be there or be... forever in the dark as to what the heck that is.

For more details click over to the event facepage here and the dj's soundcloud here