Top riders have been confirmed, the big air jump is under construction at the Bergiel Stadium and temperatures are dropping making it feel more like winter around Innsbruck, Austria as the town gets ready for the 17th annual Swatch TTR 6Star Billabong Air & Style. With the Air & Style approaching quickly, riders are hustling from around the globe to kick off the season with a bang and secure their first 6Star result of the season.

For a look into some of the top rider's thoughts on the Air & Style, the upcoming season and snowboarding in general, take a look at the TTR film crew's latest creation: the TTR Rider Check Outs.

First up we have the young and ambitious World No. 1, Sebastien Toutant, and 08/09 Swatch TTR World Champion, Peetu Piiroinen. Both riders will show up at this year's Air & Style and are both hot competitors for the "Ring of Glory".

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