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You probably heard by now that Travis Rice won his own event - the Red Bull Supernatural - last Saturday. As you'll have also gathered, there's never been anything like this before and video footage has been scarce to say the least. Have a look at this pre-event course check and let your imaginations run wild till end of March when the TV show drops...

From the limited number of reports and couple of shots we've seen, the gig was something special to behold but we'll not be getting our peepers on any footage of what went down till at least March 31, when a Red Bull TV special will air in the US. From this, we can only imagine that that's not to be missed...


1. Travis Rice 91.00

2. Gigi Rüf 84.00

3. Nicolas Müller 82.60

4. John Jackson 80.60

5. Lucas Debari 77.00

6. Kazuhiro Kokubo 75.50

7. Jake Blauvelt 73.10

8. David Carrier-Porcheron 69.20

9. Eero Niemela 68.90

10. Devun Walsh 68.80

11. Mark Sollors 68.30

12. Terje Haakonsen 68.20

13. Eric Jackson 65.80

14. Mark Carter 64.70

15. Mark McMorris 63.00

16. Sage Kotsenburg 62.00

17. Scotty Lago 59.40

18. Mark Landvik 55.50