[All Photos: Antti Ritokallio.]

Tommi Rokolampi (Ruka, Finland) claimed the title at the 2010 Snowboarding Finnish Open in perfect conditions over the weekend at Tahko in eastern Finland. The 19 year old came from virtual obscurity, entering the competition via a wild card to claim victory in a Final.

Destroying the slope style course through out the event Rokolampi won with a double backflip off the big kicker and then into front flip over the step up gap into the jib section. Tommi actually fell on the jib sections but secured the victory with the two big manouvers.


In second came Finnish veteran and the infamous Talma resorts cat driver Juha Rautanen. With his cat obligations finalized for the season after the closing of Talma last weekend, Juha was able to get away for a weekends riding at the Snowboarding Finnish open and walked away with €1,000.00 and a new HD video camera from JVC.

Showing some solid riding through out the event and another rising star from Finland’s elite snowboarding school in Vuokati, Martin Kalliola came in third.

The highlight of the event by far though was the highest air competition, which highlighted just how strong Finnish snowboarding is with riders throwing themselves all out into the giant hip.


Finnish snowboard legend Heppu Pentti and Antti-Juhani “Naku" Piirainen, went toe to toe, each trying to out do each other for the highest air title, with Naku sealing the deal with a massive method that saw him virtually clear the whole hip.

Dual world Rookie title holder, Roope Tonteri took a no holds barred approach to the hip sealing the best trick title with a giant double backside rodeo. Other stand outs on the hip where Joel Lahti with a one footed alleyoop and previous Finnish Open winner, Matti Kinnunen with a crazy one footed backside rodeo. With a minimum of six riders all having a double rodeo in their bag of tricks, the hip session gave spectators an unforgettable show for all to remember.


The Snowboarding Finnish Open presented by Battery energy drink was supported by Nike 6.0, Tahko resort, Uhko Tahko, JVC, Sherriffi and Aerial 7 Headphones. The Snowboard Finnish Open is Finland’s highest rated Swatch TTR World Tour Event. Hosted in Tahko resort in eastern Finland, the event brings the best riders together to compete in a rider built, rider friendly event with fun in mind.

For more information please see www.snowboardingfinnishopen.com.

Slopestyle Results

1. Tommi Rokolampi

2. Juha Rautanen

3. Martin Kalliola

4. Joel Lahti

5. Tomi Taskinen

6. Roope Tonteri

7. Heppu Pentti

8. Kosuke Hosokawa

9. Petja Piiroinen

10. Aleksi Kumpulainen

11. Arttu Pulkkinen

12. Sami Luhtanen

Highest Air:

Antti-Juhani Piirainen

Best trick:

Roope Tonteri

Best rookie:

Sami Luhtanen

Special move:

Matti Kinnunen