When: Fri 6th of March 2009

Where: Val d'Isère

After a week of heavy freestyle hammers at the DC Valpark Week in Val d’Isère, it all ended up in crowning glory: The White Battle.

Will the weather let the whole session happen was pretty muchthe only question that haunted the minds of the organisers on Friday 6th of March in Val d’Isère. But with all the efforts of the D902 crew, La Folie Douce and the resort of Val d’Isère, riders and spectators had a great time and a happy ending to a glorious week. The final night session saw the Doudoune team - Victor Berard, Sandre Tiller, Florent Bastien win the main prize: a trip to… Africa !

Other sessions to come on the fabulous Valpark, and Onboard will be there to report !


1 Team Doudoune: Victor Berard (kid), Sandre Tiller (snow), Florent Bastien (ski) 2 Team DC Valpark: Vincent Chenal (kid), Johan Gaume (snow), Pierre Guyot (ski) 3 Team Diks Tea Bar: Thomas Lanselo (kid), Emeric Front (snow), Guillaume Sbrava (ski)