When: Fri 18th of January 2008

Where: Avoriaz

Wednesday 9th of January was the official opening of The Stash in Avoriaz, a new kind of park in the forest with many different obstacles to jump, jib or bonk. After The Stash in Tahoe, created by Burton in the Californian resort, here comes the Stash in Avoriaz, a unique concept of forest park and slopestyle. Situated in the Lindarets area, The Stash is a 3km park and slopestyle right in the forest, designed so that the obstacles are fully integrated in the woods. For this reason, only dead trees have been taken out to use as obscles : picnic talbes, rainbows, bonk trees etc. The possibilities of runs are immense and any kind of rider can find something to do at his level.

For the opening, Burton’s Jeff Boliba, creator of The Stash, brought with him the whole Burton Europe team : Chris Sörman, Sani Alibabic, Marko Grilc, Stefan Maurer, Olivier Gittler, Sami Sarenpaa, Hannes Metzger, Kim Christensen…

In the morning gap over a tree got the favors of Sani Alibabic while Sami and Chris were sessioning a bonk tree, and Stefan an Hannes were making the most of a pyramid obstacle near by.

Then i twas time for an epic barbecue at the Hut, right in the middle of the park, just before Sami and Kim decided to kill the quarter next to the house with some high standard nose bonks and bonks to fakie.

In the afternoon, all the runs were already ridden by all kind of snowboarders, pretty stoked on the Stash, and also stoked on being able to enjoy this in the middle of a giant photoshoot with the pros, just like this session on a rainbow tree were everybody could have fun, at his level, and enjoy the day, which wasn’t that sunny, but kind of misty and moody, leaving the Shreddie sculpures appear from time to time out of the fog.

Big up to Burton and their riders, and of course to all the shapers and guys in Avoriaz who worked hard to make this project a reality, we are stoked to have such a great playground in Europe, and especially here in Avoriaz. So don’t wait more, take your board and come enjoy The Stash !

Action photos: Matt Georges. Other shots: Youri Barneoud