The OverALL – Season 1 Ep3 & Prize giving!

After the first episode and the second where you will also read all about the (crazy) rules of the event, here comes the final show, before the release of some juicy bonuses. Enjoy the video, and check the prize giving ceremony that happened at ISPO 2013 last Sunday.

The third episode of the saga gather the best moments of the last two days in Diablerets. Teams Nixon, Von Zipper and Advita gave their best, and it was a close call to name the winners. It’s Team Von Zipper – Valerian Ducourtil, Aymerci Tonin, Laurent Duhalde and Alessandro Boyens – who scores the winning prize and the 2000€, with 600 points in front of Team Nixon – Tyler Chorlton, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and David Bertschinger Karg. But big ups also goes to Team Advita – Fred Couderc, Micke Stahlberg, Kuba Dytkowski and Stepan Rokos.

The Prize Giving Ceremony

The opening day of ISPO last Sunday saw a curious crowd come to the Onboard and Mpora booth to check out the last episode before everybody else, followed by a booth party hosted by MC Nico Droz and DJ Naughty J from the infamous hip French legendary band NTM. Valerian Ducourtil and Alessandro Boyens were also there to receive their well deserved prize. Well done guys, we can’t wait for next year’s craziness to go down!

The bosses: Adrien VZ TM, Daz from Quik, MC Droz and Naughty J.
The crowed at ISPO enjoying EP3’s premiere.

What the players had to say about The Overall Season 1:

Valerian Ducourtil – VonZipper Team Rider

“I think I have started way too early with the alcohol missions! On the second day I was already into the 48 hours beer mission, and I played it full on!! As I was drunk after the first 10 hours we had a crazy party together with my team mates, I had a special authorization from the Overall staff and I was allowed to drink Rhum and Génépi. So with all this I scored a few other missions (Throw up, stick a burned glass of Génépi on your ass…). On the day after it was not so easy to wake up but weirdly after few beers I was full on again with good feelings on my board. So I kept drinking the whole day, I don’t know how many beers I had at the end but I was completely fucked up. I had my last beer on the next morning and after we went up to the glacier and I almost broke my arm trying to do a T-Bar 360 flip…”

Laurent Duhalde – VonZipper Team Rider

“It was definately an original event, an humongous amount of craziness was up all week, as well as some good riding. The concept was really fun, and when we saw the missions list, we knew it’s going to be a messy week! Great memories for sure, very tiring with the night missions etc but it was well worth it for all its fun! Very happy to be there, and I hope to be there next year too!” 

Alessandro Boyens – VonZipper Team Rider

“The Overall was a blasting get-together and one of the craziest seasonstarts ever. Despite the fact that 10 riders had to put them selfs in shame for over a week…i guess we all had tons of fun. So much Pow..Girls…Snowboarding..Crazy Missions & even crazier Guys….common what do you need more for a unforgettable week !”

Aymeric Tonin – VonZipper Team Rider

“I was used to crazy stunts with our Protest Jockers webisodes, but the Overall was just another level of radness and fun. It’s very tiring to be on mission 24/7, but it’s so much fun – I think I’ve lost 5 years life time probably, but it was worth it ahah! I’ve done stuff that I would never think of doing, like  ‘one foot tailgrab with the front foot loose, or a 540 with alpine settings… We definately push the dumbness boundaries, and enjoyed it to the max. Even our filmer scored some points by kissing this granny. Sorry to my fellow riders, I had to do some harsh stuff in order to win, great game!”

The winners Valerian Ducourtil, Alessandro Boyens and VZ TM Adrien.

Nicolas Droz – VonZipper Team Manager & Organizer

“We had a lot of long brainstorming sessions to come up with those 83 challenges, thanks to the Bloody Mary which helped us a lot! I was doubtful on how fast the missions would be completed, and even if some were just not feasable, but I had my answer pretty quick when I saw how everybody was motivated to complete their missions! It started on the first night at 9pm right after the riders meeting, and they pushed it all week the same way.”

Tyler Chorlton – Nixon Team Rider

“That has to be one of the most intense, busy, funny crazy fuct up week of my life! It was constant action and we had to watch our backs the whole time in case one of the other team would try to screw us over… Which they did try… but we got em back ;)”

Wojtek Pawlusiak – Nixon Team Rider

“My experience about the Overall… Man I think that was the most fun contest I have ever attempted. really glad I had a chance to be there with the nixon gang and all the others, the most amazing vibes all the time ! Just chill, no stress but progresive riding ! I’m sure some of the riders tried the stuff they wouldn’t even think of trying. I’m super stoked ! Big up !”

David Bertschinger Karg – Nixon Team Rider

“Best moment: Wojtek running into the house screaming “toilet! toilet!” with the wig form Aymeric in his hand. Then he flushed it down. Aymeric was too late, all he got was a wet hand… hahahaha!
Impression in general: a week of snowboarding and filming with totally different snowboarding and filming than i usually do.. It was a fun & fucked up way to start the season.. haha!”

Fred Begou – Nixon Team Manager

“4 words to sum up the whole week, “Intense, Powder, Balls, FUN”. It was an intense week, full of missions, tricks, cool stuff top do all day long. Great set up, organization, crew, core event for core people. So much powder and good snow for December allowed the guys shred around Les Diablerets and Leysin, we got lucky with the weather, even if we were freezing balls, but some alcohol and fun games were here to warm our bodies everyday 🙂 Remember we were about 22 boys in one chalet, and not much girls around les Diablerets. Lots of testosterone in the chalet, that’s why the guys went riding hard as much was they could. One of the funniest week in my life, good atmosphere, good guys, good food, and we were all super stoked to get involved in such event to start the winter season, we had so much fun, thanks guys!”

Benjamin Wu Tiu Yuen – Nixon Photographer

“An exhausting freezing week full of tricks, action and fun. Probably one of my best souvenirs of shooting with the Nixon Team. Good vibes and some crazy personalities among all three teams. Unforgettable!”

Marc “Serge” Vaudroz – Nixon Cameramen

“The Overall was a busy week and such a fun one also. It was fun to participate to an event where it’s not just all about big or technical tricks, but different and funny stuff. It’s not everyday that I’m filming Wojtek on a rail with a bee outfit, or Tyler doing a 360 drinking a beer. It was real good to film some shredding and go crazy at the same time.”

Kuba Dytkowski – Advita Team Rider

“It was original contest and I had a lot of fun but apart from stupid things we also did good spot like the road gap. Great feeling to do 36 over my brothers heads.”

Mizhael Stahlberg – Advita Team Rider

“The whole week was super fun and crazy things went down but i think Fred Couderc was the man! He ate “shit” for 48 hours and dyed his hair blonde! that man looked so stupid in blond hair! Great times ! And Couderc also stole the wig from Aymeric!”

Stepan Rokos – Advita Team Rider

“My best memory is when we did the night mission at 4 am,it was so much fun. We did lot of stupid things as jumping small kicker with blinded eyes, onefoot air over the fire, boardslide on woodenrail or just riding behind the car in the village. Good times with homes.”

Fred Couderc – Advita Team Rider

“It was just perfect! We didn’t manage to complete all our missions, but the vibe was awesome and real cool. I’m kind of a local rider and the rest of the crew was of foreign riders, I could show them around in a fun way, as well as completing some of the hard missions – and maybe not the nicest ones like eating meatloaf for two days! Everybody was so into it, it was a real points fights!”

Richard Prendergast – Filming Crew

“I’ve been waiting for a competition to bring back the roots of snowboarding. The Overall does exactly that. If you know what Landspeed, Whisky and Boozy the Clown is, you’re gonna love this comp.”

Maurino Castellani – Filming Crew

“Guys guys guys common, more gansta, more people dying, common”! This quote will be stucked in my head forever. One of the funniest week at a snowboard contest since long time. This contest brings back that fuck off attitude which got lost with the advent of double triple cork.”

Andreas “Dre” Gebbe – Demonium Organizator.

“It was during the Homies 3 premiere in Hossegor back in 2010 that Von Zipper asked me to collaborate to this sick project. It was quite hard to put in place, with the early season timing, the conditions… But it was a real blast for eveyone as well. It’s during the event itself that I realized it would have never worked out with the great investment of everyone, and especially the riders. They were so amped about getting the max points, all of them!  Big thanks goes to teams VZ, Nixon and Advita, the editing team, Onboard and Mpora, Monster for their support. You guys killed it and we want a season 2!” 

Stay tuned for the bonus edits per team coming out soon!

Naughty J.


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