When: Tue 20th of January 2009

Where: Sochi, Russia

Amazing kick off for the Freeride World Tour 2009 in Sochi

After the first day of competition with fresh snow and sunshine with an enthusiastic crowd, the 25 snowboarders had a day to recuperate as Day 2 was postponed due to warmer temperatures.

Surprising at that may be in Krasnaya Polyana, situated 40 minutes from the Black Sea, this future Sochi 2014 Olympic site for on-snow sports (all other sports will be in the city of Sochi) does not usually have such mild temperatures in the winter. However, the sun increased the temperature so much that the O°C point was at 3800 meters! With the summit chosen for Day 2 reaching 2200 meters (resort at 500m with lots of snow), the mountain guides decided to postpone the competition day (possible competition days spanned from January 21-24) so the riders could compete in better conditions. On Saturday, the temperature has comeback down to the seasonal norms, and even with the cloud cover, the riders were able to compete. On the crest of the top ski lift, after a one-hour walk there were 4 possible starting points (2 accessible with harness only) forming a circle facing the ski lift, the show was particularly spectacular.

Overall Results of the Nissan Russian Adventure

This story of consistency was almost the same for Cyril Neri (SUI), as he placed 2nd and 4th; this proves he really studied his options to take the most impressive and smooth lines that played into his style of riding. This victory is undeniably thanks to his rich experience.

Aline Bock (GER) is undoubtedly the revelation of this first stage of the Freeride World Tour. She broke away from the traditional runs integrating numerous jumps thanks to her début as a freestyler. Gaining confidence from this first victory, she will certainly continue to impress everyone throughout the season.

2nd Day Results

In snowboard, the freestyler, Aline Bock (GER) made an awesome début in freeride leading today’s run with a fluid line using the terrain, especially with her jumps. For the men, Flo Orley (AUT) brought together speed and absolute confidence for his line and magnificent jumps notably a 360° on a cornice and a back flip in the final area.


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