When: April 6th-12th

Where: Kühtai, Austria

Around two weeks ago, eager shredheads and pro's showed up in Kühtai Autria, to enjoy a week of fun n' games. The main feature of the week, as the name suggests, was the enormous airbag type of landing cushion a.k.a, the 'Bagjump'. On this baby, one could try out any trick that came into ones feeble mind, without having to fear dire consequences. In addition, there were other fine features and obstacles, which included the perfectly groomed park, and four special 'IOU' jib features scattered throughout the nearby backcountry.

Campers, daily visitors and anyone else for that matter, had a new chance everyday to win prizes and goodies from Zimtstern, Völkl and X-Double. What did you have to do to win? Take part in one of the few hundred different mini competitions that were going down, such as poker tournaments, a 'bagjump' best trick session, various night sessions or the XBOX360 'guitar hero' comp.

There was also a unique photo&film comp, where teams could either film or shoot photos of themselves, and their shredbuddies. Here are the links where you can check out the submitted video clips and play judge!

Aufmschlauch Völkl Team Flash Horton&Niki Korpela K-Crew

100 Clicks are equivalent to 100 views, which equal 1 judging point! Go check 'em out!



1. Kevin Gähn 2. Michi Stanschitz 3. Martin Rasinger


1. Flo Merten (Double Cork 1260) 2. Daniel Mösl (One-footed 720 Mute) 3. Benny Mösl (Triple Backflip Indy)


Flo Merten

More info about the 'Bagjump' here.