When: September 19, 2008

Where: Snowpark, NZ

Kiwis take the advantage after first day of competition.

The second day of competition was slowed right down with a solid ice park till after 12:00pm. Riders all went up early for the scheduled competition start time but after a few runs it was clear riders would die on the kicker set ups we had lined up on the solid ice of the morning. Massive stand outs regardless of the icy conditions were Mikey Williams (AUS), Pooch (US) and Ben Bright (AUS) all throwing down on the massive transfer into a rough icy landing. 10 mins into the judged session we stopped the comp as only a small amount of riders were crazy enough to be hitting the transfer so the comp was pushed back to the day before's smaller straight jump. A little disappointed with having to ride the same feature two days in a row a bunch of riders sat out the session and waited for the planned sun set session on the transfer.

Check the photos from the day.

Benny Bright - BS180 - Alex Roberts photo