When: September 18, 2008

Where: Snowpark, NZ

Day 1 of competition done... 2 to go and the Kiwis are in the lead!


After a few good days of rain and fog Stylewars New Zealand finally got underway here in Snow Park. Today was a fun kicker session to warm things up a bit and raise the bar for the next 2 days due to be sunny and clear.

Not able to start till after 1.00pm due to the cloud and footy post assembly (see photos) the afternoon session saw a new name in the top spot for Stylewars, Eric Winlett from the US. One of the international locals here this year he was pretty comfortable on the bottom kicker and took it to town run after run. The session was judged simply as top score per rider, as the snow speed was not really suitable for a longer session and with the forecast looking good for the next 2 days all the event really needed was a warm up result to kick things off.

New Zealand is currently sitting on top of the Australian team on the leader board for The Bledisnow Cup.

Tomorrow is expected to be a 'more typical Stylewars day' with the large transfer on the cards and good weather to get things moving.

Stand outs today from the local teams were from Aussie junior Nate Johnston and Kiwi rider Nick Hyne.

Check back tomorrow for the results and story from the larger feature session that is sure to bring out the best in the crew.