When: August 24-28th, 2008

Where: Falls Creek Resort, Australia

A perfect day with sunny blue skies today at Stylewars meant the first day of competition at Australia’s most notorious snowboarding event went down like a bowl full of delicious poutine. The 45 invited riders from around the globe were annihilating the course with a level of snowboarding never before seen in Australia.

Ripping all day and finishing in number 1 and 2 spots respectively was the French Canadian connection (ie: Canadian Club) of Charles Reid and Matts Kulisek who were both sending and stomping their runs all day. Matts was unleashing huge frontside 7 to backside 7 combinations amoung some super smooth 900s. While Charles Reid was dropping insane frontside 1080’s and massive 90-foot corked frontside 360’s that had everyone scratching their heads.

Sitting in third is a very consistent New Zealand rider Jacob Koia who looks poised to strike for the lead. NZ team captain Will Jackways had one of the most interesting lines of the day with a perfect 90 foot backside 900 melon followed by a method from the step-over kicker landing on the side of the landing 80-feet away, stomping a method perfectly amoungst the rubble and grooming debris.

The course is a 3 jump line that consists of a 15 foot flat cliff step-down, a 90 foot high speed step-down kicker and a 75 foot step up/over kicker.

Stylewars 2008 – the freestyle marathon continues tomorrow with sunny days again forecast and riders amping to step it up the rankings for a shot at the Grand Master Title.

Tonight the parties start, a free/private concert for the riders with Australian Producer KATALYST and MC RUCL ready to bring home the first day.

Top 20 after day 1 of 3

1. Charles Reid (CAN) BURTON 722 2. Matts Kulisek (CAN) APO 667 3. Jacob Koia (NZ) OAKLEY 618 4. Torstein Horgmo (NOR) DC/OAKLEY 602 5. Roland-Morley Brown (NZ) ELECTRIC/FORUM 595 6. Wille Uotila (FIN) ATOMIC 593 7. Shayne Pospisil (USA) BILLABONG 570 8. Stef Zeestraten (NZ) K2/OAKLEY 568 9. Robbie Walker (AUS) BILLABONG 550 10. Will Jackways (NZ) BURTON/VOLCOM 529 11. Mitch Allan (AUS) BURTON/OAKLEY 525 12. Tore Holvik (NOR) BATALEON 505 13. Clint Allan (AUS) BILLABONG 484 14. Mario Kappeli (SUI) FORUM 474 15. Ryan Tiene (AUS) DC/OAKLEY 467 16. Keiji Okamoto (JPN) VOLKL/FLUX 462 17. Jye Kearney (AUS) BURTON/OAKLEY 395 18. Nick Brown (NZ) BURTON/RPM 368 19. Masaharu Nakao (JPN) NP ATHLETICS/REVOLT 313 20. Cohen Davies (AUS) ROME 292