[UPDATE - Check the video highlights of the action that went down over the weekend above.]

Last weekend marked the last big Austrian glacier opening of the season and although the snow gods have slept this one through, that didn’t stop the epic-ness from happening anyways.

For a while there it almost seemed hopelessly snowless, but the guys over at Stubai and Schneestern have kicked nature in the balls and set up a park, that admittedly couldn’t hold up with the regular park when it comes to size, but as we all know: size doesn’t matter and a little hiking is good for your health. Plenty of reasons for the Onboard office to leave behind the Indian Summer in Munich and hit the road to Tirol.

Friday was mostly cloudy but that didn’t stop the die-hard shredding community from going up to enjoy that awesome shit called nature and get back on their snowboards for their first laps of the season. The Mini Shred consisted of eight features set up by Schneestern right by the Eisgrat, which turned into the riding, meeting and hanging out spot for the weekend. The Skullcandy Trick Session was a perfect way to kick off the event and get people into the mood.

Photo: Stefan Eigner

Countless brands have set up their tents stuffed with fresh new 2014/15 gear to test at the Brandsaloon and judging from the happy faces, the testers were pleased to say the least. To round it all off a DJ played some fine tunes in the Chill Area and BBQ was served to fill hungry shred-bellies. International pros like Kas Lemmens, Len Jorgensen and Mario Käppeli hiked the features alongside the ams, everyone was pushing each other and high fives were flying around.

Come nighttime, the parties at the Dorf Pub, Scala Club and Freizeitzentrum had the crowd going and saw loads of beer, music and unspeakable things that are all very blurry in our memories but were for sure accentuated by some heavy beats from the Drunken Masters and Die Boys (Deichkind).


At the Adidas Jersey Jam on saturday participants battled it out for cash, drinking vouchers (always a good thing to win!) and goodies. Judging from all the motivated snowboarders up on the mountain, you wouldn’t have known that last night’s parties only ended a couple hours ago for some.

The next event was the DC Jib Battle, that featured a heavy rider field, so getting the crowd hyped was an easy one for host Henry Jackson. The riders were split into to two groups and had to judge each other, which always makes for a nice format to watch. Everyone gave their all but Raffi Kossmann took the lead in heat 1 and 2 and was unanimously voted by all judges as best rider of the comp. Second place was a tie between Ziga Rakovec and Christoph Schwarz and in the spirit of what snowboarding is all about – share good times with the homies – they equally split the 1000€ price money (and maybe blew it all on beer).


Boosted by the fresh glacier air, there was no time to rest as everyone made their way to the party venues to revel one more night in Neustift. Legendary Afrob and Deluxe Soundsystem made the crowd go buck wild and the ginormous mosh-pit from the night before was reanimated. The madness went on until the wee hours but on the next day, the mountain was just as crowded as the day before and the Mini Shred got torn apart again as if last night had never happened.

Another weekend full of good times surely got us hyped and as the weather forecast predicts snow for the coming days it won’t be long until the Stubai park will be back in its full force. Up until then, the Mini Shred will stay groomed for you to hike and shred. To stay updated, check their website and facebook page for all the latest news on the park set up and events.

Winnings fo dayz. L to R: Ziga Rakovec, Raffi Kossmann, Christian Schwarz. Photo: Stefan Eigner