[Seppe Smits. Photos: Sophie Kirchner]

Clear blue sky, slushy snow and not a breeze stirring — on the sixth day of Spring Battle everyone got their money’s worth, no matter if spectator, media or rider. The level of riding was off the charts: The German snowboard young guns were on fire today with the 14-year-old Leon Gütl showing a bs 7 to fs 7 at the kickers, the 16-year-old Leon Vockensperger stomping a fs 10 melon and the 17-year-old Maxi Preissinger being the first German to ever land a cab triple 1260 mute!

The Brits Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan filmed their final runs today, including a fs 1440 (Jamie) and a bs triple nosegrab (Billy), and the Italian national team were doing pretty well, too, surprising with a fs 1080 melon to bs double cork 1260 mute.

Here's a short video of some of the Day 6 highlights.