[Photos: Sophie Kirchner.]

After the first couple of days at the 2017 Spring Battle in the Absolut Park was affected by bad weather, yesterday the skies cleared and the crew were sending it...

A picture-perfect day was waiting for the riders on the third day of Spring Battle. In bright sunshine and warm temperatures, some were filming their first runs, while others were still in training mode. The snowboarder Judd Henkes showed an impressive run with perfect 270s on 270s off the rails, and an epic double crippler on the spine, and Lyon Farrell stomped a back triple cork — 30 seconds before the park was closed!


The female snowboarder Yuka Fujimori stood a front 3 and back 7, but she is aiming much higher: "I wanted to do a cab 9 back 9, but it’s really hard to get speed, so I think I can’t do it. Maybe I try a back 7 front 7 or front 7 back 9 tomorrow — and I have to focus more on the jib line."

The Epic Spring Battle News #4 was hosting snowboarder Anna Gasser and freeskier Dennis Ranalter. They were invited to "eat" cake to celebrate Anna's triumph at the World Championships.