The TTR 3star Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest is the biggest snowboard event in Slovakia and a true institution.

Although there is a whole flood of talented young riders emerging from the eastern realms of Europe lately, it was a again German ripper Alessandro Boyens who bagged the titel - 3rd time in a row now. Happy as he is over this title, he shared his experiences with us.

This weekend I went to the TTR Sony Ericsson Snowboardfest for the 3rd year in a row. It was a hell fun contest and a high level of riding and lots of vodka. They build a massive kicker and a huge landing with a inrun between the trees. The finals where held under lights in the evening and I had so much fun riding with all the Finnish and Swedish guys. Lots of spectators showed up for the finals in the night and all the riders were pushing it hard.

I've been to this event for the past 2 years already and they always present a perfect setup of kickers to the riders and spectators.

Tthe finals featured the best 10 riders from the semifinals in the afternoon such as Anton Bilare (SWE), Aleksi Kuusisto (FIN), Jusso LaurillaTimo Janhonen (FIN) or Johannes Skottheim (SWE).

I made it in 3rd position from the semis to the finals in the night and then pretty much landed the hammer. Lucky then I landed the backside double cork 10 pretty much in the flatpart of the landing and I was more or less wondering how I could stomp that trick so far down without getting killed.

Taking home the first place then in the end and getting one of the best champagne showers in my life.

All in one its been a great event with a bouncing atmosphere and I cant wait for the 2011 edition!

- Alessandro

2010 TTR Sony Ericsson Snowboard Festival Top 4 :

1. Alessandro Boyens (GER)

2. Aleksi Kuusisto (FIN)

3. Timo Janhonen (FIN)

4. Tomek Wolak (POL)