When: Sun 15th of February 2009

Where: Sajas Diedamspark, Austria

Once again the Freestyle Community of the Bregenzerwald was responding to the call of the Snowballwar 09 in the Sajas Diedamspark as one of the biggest Snowparksession in Vorarlberg and thus around 450 motivated Freeskiers and Snowboarders gathered at the Diedamskopf to have a Freestylesession opended to everybody at blue bird and superb riding conditions.

Already the early birds after their first sight out of the window realized that the time displacement from the 7th to the 15th of February paid off and that the conditions would be perfect for the Snowballwar 09: blue bird, wonderful 120 centimeters of fresh powder and highly motivated riders.

We arrived up the Diedamskopf resort in the Sajas Diedamspark, where the park bullies and the shapers currently finished the set-up in the QPark: Due to the enormous snowfalls of the last days the shape crew could offer the medium kickerline with two different sized jumps for beginners and intermediate riders and the whole jib set-up with different boxes and rails for beginner and intermediates.

The Session buildup was realized pretty quick, the deck-chairs in position and thus around 10 o ́clock rotated already the turntables of DJ Mr. Ichibon and the rhymes of speaker and MC, MC Dandyman (of the band Notstandshilfe).

And the frequency of the snowboarding and freeskiing people showed that the playground of QParks came up to their expectations! While some riders left their lines in the perfect and untracked backcountry at the Diedamskopf, around 250 riders gathered at around 11: 30 at the kicker- and raillines to impress the filmers and photographers with various tricks and styles as well as gunfires (when some riders show some tricks quite close following each other or doing tricks simultaneously). Beside the hundred of motivated riders the local heroes and Sajas teamriders like Sebi and Christian Geiger, Joris Doorn, Nicole Scheichl, Kevin Sagmeister, Stefanie Gabriel and Timo Fröhlich took their advantage of the great weather and riding conditions to show some action.

The DJ sound and the freestyle raps motivated the riders and the other chilled out in the sun or got some grilled burgers and cool drinks at the BBQ Station. At 1: 30 p.m. the session came with the Cash-for-Trix Session to its highlight. Every rider got the possibility to impress the judges Steve Pressler (Snowboard) and Sajas Teammanager Lorenz Egeder (Freeski) with technical tricks and style and got rewarded with 5 € fixed on laneyards directly after their run. After 30 minutes of battling, followed by the shoot-outs of their friends and onlookers, the session moved from the main kicker to the railline, where the judges gave the probs to the riders that showed the best railine at the down box in combination with the followed kinked box. Due to this fact the riding level was pushed once again and just super smooth and clean tricks on the first box followed by spined trick combos at the kinked box could get one of the much sought-after 5 € laneyard.

The freestyle day ended with a drawing at 3 p.m. where some goodies were exchanged and let the winners leave the session with a smile on their face.