On 13th February 2016, the Sick Trick Tour Open took place at Snowpark Kitzbühel. On two contest lines, snowboarders fought a tough battle for the famous podium places of Kitzbühel. Check the highlights...

With perfect weather and a flawless setup, last weekend about 30 snowboarders competed

in an exciting battle for one of the coveted spots on the podium with prizes worth a

total of 2500€. This year’s Sick Trick Tour Open at the Hanglalm definitely lived up to

its name – The riders sent it hard to one-up each other on the two

contest lines.

Unknown flipper. Photo: Roland Haschka

There’s no doubt that the Sick Trick Tour Open has become a special stop on the QParks Tour.

Already at the registrations there was such a high demand for starting places resulting in all of the

starting numbers were gone in no time. Thereafter, all riders were focussed on giving it their best at this tour stop and stomped their heaviest tricks into the ground.

Since there was plenty of snow from the night before, park designer Franz Lechner and his shape

crew were able to create a top-notch setup. While the clouds were fading and the sun was making its

way through, the riders were laying down their smoothest tricks in two runs (best one counted) on two lines. With its three kickers (9m, 11m, 13m), the kicker line was guaranteed to witness some solid airtime, while the rail line with a 9m elbow rail, an 8m flat/ down rail and an 8m down rail was the perfect terrain for creative runs. For the first time, the jury was judging the runs from a specially constructed Judging Tower.

Felix Schett gets his jib on. Photo: Roland Haschka

The snowboarders proved their amazing skills. After already having won the Mountain Rides Open,

Lorenzo Peeters (BEL) celebrated his second QParks Tour victory in this season. With a BS7

Indy Tail Boned on the kicker and a BS1 In Switch BS1 Off on the rail, he didn’t only win the

category Snowboard Men, but the Best Trick Snowboard Award as well. He was followed by

Matthias Haas (AT) on the 2nd place and Moritz Kaufmann (AT) became 3rd.

The winner in the Girls category was Daniela Kaindl (AT), followed by Lisa Veith (AT) and Klara

Dinold (AT). Noah Gasperi (AT) bagged the grand prize in the snowboard Groms category and

shared the podium with Lukas Frischhut (AT) and the Dutchman Stan Pauli.

Photo: Roland Haschka

For further information about the Snowpark Kitzbühel and the QParks Tour check out snowpark-kitzbuehel.at and snowboard.qparkstour.com