[Try as we might we just couldn't work out who this dude is. Homie was giving it some lick, though! Photo: Thomas Copsey]

Perfect conditions greeted the 2016 Shred Down Austrian Masters in Kühtai's K Park today for the Big Air finals - zero clouds, zero wind and a rad-ometer dialled up to 11 meant today's event went off with an audible BOOM.

The long-running Austrian champs have been buddying up with their German cousins of late to hold a joint championships, and in addition to the Deutsch talkers there were a few other riders from further afield to give this gathering an international flavour.


The format was simple - three jumps, with the best one counting. On the XY chromosome side of things the dudes were double dipping, back 12ing and double backing all over the shop. But sending it hardest was Austrian Dani Mösl, who duly walked away with the title ahead of his brother Benny and grom David Luckerbauer.

Max Zebe. Photo: Ampand

On the girls side of things, it was a German who planted her flag in Kühtai's fertile soil as Nadja Flemming took the top spot, edging out Austria's Birgit Rofner and Kiwi Natalie Good.

Tomorrow, all eyes will be on the SDAM 2016 halfpipe competition in K Park's perfectly shaped superpipe where, again, both Austrian and German championships will be decided!

Men's podium. Photo: Ampand
Women's podium. Photo: Ampand