For the third year running, The Gasthof Zillertal are running the Shoot Your Friends Video Competition - a video competition for all the riders in the Zillertal Valley. A competition to show an insider’s look of the life of a snowboarder: the riding, the partying, the drama and the good life. Over a period of 6 weeks, a team of 4 friends will go out and capture their life, with weekly assignments given by the Gasthof-Zillertal to spice things up.

3 years ago, Jim Healy (Gasthof-Zillertal Bar Manager at the time) and Jan Glas (Gasthof-Zillertal General Manager) sat down and came up with the idea to organize this competition. Wanting to show the world the life and lifestyle of a snowboarder during the winter season, they molded the idea into a competition over a 6 week period. To make things even more interesting weekly assignments were made up that had to be included. Some assignments were riding related, some were lifestyle related and some were just straight up funny. And that’s exactly what they wanted to see, the humour and creativity of snowboarding !

Week 2 Assignment - Hug some trees!

We got some powder coming in this week so we're looking for the gnarliest/longest tree runs the valley has to offer. Get your whole team involved in this one! Be on the look out for pillows, bonks & more faceshots than Alexis Texas.

Bonus assignment for the first week: The Spy Who Loved Me.


Re-create the Epic chase from 007. Pick your Hero and grab your villians, tear up the mountain in true Bond style. Keep it safe and in the trees! Unlike Bond you won't survive mother natures rage!

The following 3 assignments can be shot over the 6 week time.

- Build your own mountain transport:

Raid your apartment, steal your mom’s ironing board, raid the bins in the hood Build it, Strap it and Ride it.

- Build your own jib:

Think pole jams, garden parks, step up jumps, back country booters, road gaps, get your shovels out and go for it there’s plenty of snow.

- Take your team on a road trip, show us your favourite slopes in

another area of the Zillertal.

Competition Details:

Start: 05-02-2012

Finish: 17-03-2012

Premiere night: 25-03-2012

Contact and team signup:

There will be a press release every week. Containing the new assignments, contest progress, latest Sponsor details etc…

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