With triple corks becoming almost ubiquitous, Shaun's looking to step it up and put one down in his slopestyle run at the 2013 X Games in Aspen. Close, but no cigar - yet.

It also turns out Mark McMorris is not too keen on Mr F. Tomato's style, as you'll discover in this interview [below] that must have had the ESPN marketing guys power-wanking with glee at the prospect of DRAMAAAAAAH!

In essence, in this admittedly edited interview, he states: "He doesn’t dominate slopestyle at all. He doesn’t ride rails. He doesn’t watch snowboarding, I don’t think. It’s kinda weird if you get scored high and you’re not grabbing your board, even? That’s a little crazy." We've tried our best to hold back, but our inner schoolchild is just too strong... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

So who'd win the fisticuffs, and perhaps less importantly, does McMorris have a point? Let the world know beneath the line...