The latest in our Access All Areas online video series takes you behind the scenes at the recent Nike 6.0 Air&Style that rocked the hell out of Munich's Olympic Stadium.

There's no doubt that the Nike 6.0 Air&Style rocked the back end out of Munich last weekend. We had our media assassin Will Nangle there with a camera and a mic to get all involved with the action, and get the reaction backstage too. Check it out with highlights from the Stairset Battle and the kicker contest, and chat from Wojtek, Cassanova, Nicholls and more. And for those who don't know how it panned out, here's the chatter...

First up there was the heavy metal session on the Stairset, with some of the gnarliest jibbers in the game on point to throw down a hell of a show. After a bunch of techness in the qualifying session, with guys like Keegan Valaika, Eiki Helgason, Jamie Nicholls, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Mike Casanova and Forrest Bailey combo-ing the heck out of the feature, 8 riders were whittled down for the final session, and after some more madness that we could barely figure out Mike Casanova posted the highest score of the day with a hardway front 270 to back lip to push Jamie Nicholls off the top spot and bag the cash.

Then it was the main event. The kicker contest. It was head-to-head deathmatches again and after some next-level double corking and hyper spinning it boiled down to a four-man super final: Peetu Piiroinen, Nils Arvidsson, Seppe Smits and Halldor Helgason. Halldor put down a 'safety' back 10 late dipper before going all in on his mental double back 12 Japan 'Lobster flip', which ended up in some heavy slams. Nils was trying the front 12 double shifty but was victim of the 'close but no cigar' syndrome, which left it to Seppe Smits and Peetu Piiroinen to challenge for the win. Seppe had been ridiculously consistent all evening, and when he sent a back 12 balls deep we thought he'd have his first major career win in the bag. Peetu had other ideas. Nursing an evil cold, he nevertheless smashed it with a gigantic, flawless cab 12 with some tech jibbery on the down rail. Insane.