When: Thu 15th of November 2007

Where: Spain

Onboard mag's senior shooter, Scalp, is on the road with the Red Bull Drive By tour and dropped us a quick heads up.

This is now a week that we’re cruising in Spain on the now famous Red Bull Drive By. The crew at the moment consists of French Canadians riders Max Legendre and Axel Cantin, Swedes Karim El Rafie and Hans Ahlund, and young Austrian Benni Wetscher. We got the keys to 3 pimping Mercedes 500 SEL circa 1985, that the brand with the bull lent us in Bilbao for 15 days through San Sébastian, Madrid, Avila and then Lisbon. Objective? Simple: ride as many ghetto urban spots around, day and night, and make nice photos with the few tons of snow stolen on each stop in local ice rinks.

After already two stops, Bilbao and San Sébastian, I’ve been amazed on how motivated those guys are, they’ve been killing it since day one, and they did choose some pretty gnarly metal constructions – including that 27 stairs two days ago in San Sebastian, a random miniramp on the beach, a tunnel in front of the Guggenheim museum, or a concrete wall/cliff drop right in the center of Bilbao, in front of the Police station. And guess what: the local police helped us out putting the spot in shape! Ah Spain, what a pleasure to be here!

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Madrid and the second half of the trip, with I guess a lot more surprises on the way. Full story in Onboard magazine soon and of course, more right now on the Red Bull Drive By site with more of my shots.

- Scalp