longboard classic 2016
Save the date folks, because the Longboard Classic will return to Stuben, Arlberg for the 17th time this April, bringing with it classic snowboards, neon onesies and a mellow chinese downhill race to one of the best regions of the Arlberg.
If you can appreciate the roots and want to take a step back in time to when snowboarding was all about laying out carves and blinding your opponents with your outerwear, the Longboard Classic is a must-attend event. Billed as the woodstock of snowboarding, the event pays homage to shredding's colourful past with a mellow race in your best old-school gear.
Longboard Classic 2015 Sam Oetiker-1194
You can find out more info via the link below and read our report from last year's event here.
Event: Longboard Classic Stuben
Date: April 9, 2016
Location: Stuben/ Arlberg
More information: http://www.longboardclassic.com