The Sane! crew have opened the doors on another Sane! Spring Break Session in Innsbruck's Nordkette park, and kicked off with their annual GOT iT! shoot last weekend. There are three more weeks of goodtimes planned up there, so get there and get down!

Hits, Hits, Hits! That seemed to be the crew’s motto while designing this year’s Spring Break Setup right above Innsbruck. For the second time already, the Sane! gang put in a hell lot of work to come up with an inSane! spring park which is totally different in terms of creativity, skill-level and its jaw-dropping views compared to all the other resorts in Tyrol.

This snow-blessed winter left a lot of white up there. That’s why this year’s Spring Break isn’t only on for a week longer than last year (3 weeks), it is also loaded with even larger snow sculptures - such as the two mega-titties, also know by the name of Volcanoes! Along with those beauties there are numerous options to send it: The two main kickers are a bit larger than usual. Alongside there are multihits, transfers; sidehits. So it’s time to go full-send up there!


What kind of a Sane! Setup it would be complete without heavy jib gear, though? Despite

facing some troubles with the park bully - which just gave up on shaping such rad stuff

right before the weekend - the boys managed to come up with a jibline that's already

got it! Yes, there are more rails and tubes for all you jibheads out there to come....

As you'd expect, the Sane! gang was representing to the fullest! Last but not least to get

those shots. Cause Theo Acworth mentally followed Max Glatzl, Thomas Enk, Marvin

Salmina, Peter Walchhofer and the boys sending it over everything to get crazy lines

on video while Joe Mann from GOT iT! shot the pics. Check out

@sanesnowboarding and @gotit.shootings social media for some high class footage!


This weekend’s kick-off had been hosted by GOT iT! During their public

photoshoot everybody flying and sliding by the camera got some epic actionshots

to show and share. The Best Public Shot went to Thomas Kigle with his massive Method air

over the hip. The afterparty at Jimmy’s IBK got it crunk that night cause Max Glatzl aka. Big Belly Boi had the dancefloor all lit with his brother Mad Simon playing their typical Rap-

Trap bangers. Mixed with certain drink specials, boys and girls had the club on fire!

Sunday wasn’t as blessed with sunshine so GOT iT!’s public videoshooting, where

everybody get’s the chance to be part of a highlight clip, had to be postponed to next

bluebird day.

So, you'd better stay tuned for what’s going down during the next three

weeks - there are a bunch more events and sessions to come! Get up there and send it!