When: 13 December 2008

Where: Kaprun, Austria.

As you'll have gathered already, unfortunately the Roxy Chicken Jam in Kaprun, one of only two 6 Star TTR women's events in Europe, had to be cancelled due to high winds in the park. Though calling it off sucked, it was for sure the right call as the riders' safety is paramount, followed by the need to make sure the event showcases the snowboarding at the level it can be rather than a lottery with sub-standard shreddery.

Nevertheless, the Onboard crew would like to throw out big Shakas to Tina Birbaum and Stine Brun-Kjeldaas at Roxy for putting on the show and, also, for throwing one of the funnest parties in recent (fuzzy) memory. The inaugural Chicken Jam Masquerade ball in Kaprun's castle saw all and sundry don masks and throw shapes till the early morn, and the night before saw the epic yet impromptu art of Strip Bowling being introduced to the bemusement of the locals. Fortunately we have no shots of that (Marc-Andre Tarte lost, though). But we do have plenty from the mask party. Enjoy.