Riksgränsen, as we all know, is snowboarding holy land. The remote resort in Northern Sweden that exploded onto the snowboard map via Ingemar's legendary backside air back in 1996 still plays host to an annual influx of heavy hitters when its banked slalom event rolls around each spring.

2018 was no exception, as the likes of Terje Haakonsen and Hampus Mosesson joined a strong local crew for some thigh burning laps of the seriously long snake run.

"It was the most fun and challenging banked slalom course I’ve seen and ridden all winter," reports Freddie Fruhstuck. "No single berm called for putting on the brakes, yet, some of them were so tight that even the tiniest misjudgment equalled game over."

"Somewhere along the way, Terje bagged another trophy"

Despite some iffy weather (68.4 degrees north is a tricky place to run an event when the clouds roll in) the latest edition lived up to expectations. Riders drank beers in the midnight sun, the northern lights made an appearance, and somewhere along the way, Terje bagged another trophy (natch).

The legend of Riks rolls on.

Photo gallery by Daniel Bernstal