When: 6-7 February, 2009

Where: Solingen, Germany

Marlon Boeger won the fourth Ride the Stairway 2009 event in Solingen, Germany.

The comp began with loads of sunshine on Friday afternoon. More than 40 riders registered for the qualification and 22 were left to compete in the Best Trick competition.

In addition to a very narrow starting point, the level of difficulty was increased even further by a minimal curve in the setup and the following kinkledge as well as the quarter in the runout. Accordingly the the riding level of the qualified starters was high and the set up saw tricks suchs as frontside 180 to backside 180 to revert, frontflips, backside 270 to 270 off, noseslides to revert or feebles on the quarter. Daniel Frietsch won the ‚Best Trick Snowboard’, Torge Nagel was first placed in Freeski.

Saturday started with rain and left with rain – but that couldn’t stop the riders from shredding the setup. The finals started on-time in the afternoon. The snowboarder again impressed the spectators with some backside blunts, frontflips or frontside noseslides, backside 270 to 270 offs and many more... Judges as well as the audience were stoked from the 14-year old rookie Henri Wehr. Henri started with a wildcard and kept up very well with the other riders. He passed every trick he wanted to ride! That brought him the third place. First became Marlon Boeger who won also last year’s Ride The Stairway contest.

The first placed riders received giveaways from Skullcandy, Bern Helmets, Rome Snowboards, Carhartt and the Vibes Store as well as prize money.

In the evenig the riders, judges and spectators went to the official riders party with punkrock liveact Dan Dryers.

Results 1st: Marlon Boeger 2nd: Sascha Vossen 3rd: Henri Wehr