As you probably know by now, Ride the Snake is a new generation snowboard event. 15 international riders gather in one spot - this year Chamonix, and it seems to be settling down there as well, over 3 days, invited by notorious French slayer Mathieu Crepel and ACT Snowboarding magazine, to express their virtuosity in an entirely new playing field: a Snake Run.

Half-way between a half-pipe and skateboard bowl, this massive snow feature and with a winding avant garde design, propose to the riders a run with curbs promoting range of motion, the fluidity of combos but also the creativity of maneuvers. Ride the Snake isn’t just another contest, this is a manifestly to evolve the snowboard, reclaim new area but most of all keep the spirit of this sport: beautiful moves, the perfect curb, fun. But maybe most importantly, it's a gathering, a friend's event, and possibly the most innovative one in Europe right now.

Le Tour, at the end of Chamonix Valley, is a perfect XXL spot for the talented HO5 shapers to also express their creativity. And for the first time in its five-year history, the event (traditionally reserved for pro riders) opened up to public after 3 days of pro shooting. You can actually have a pretty cool insider, 'rinding with the pros' experience with Almo's 360° edit here!

Enjoy the Gallery and the video!

Riders: Arthur Longo (Fra), Victor Daviet (Fra), Mathieu Crépel (Fra), Thomas Delfino (Fra), Sylvain Bourbousson (Fra), Sébastien Konijnenberg (Fra), Anthony Holland (Sui), Valérian Ducourtil (Fra), Keagan Valaïka (USA), Bryan Fox (USA), Marcus Keller (Sui), Markku Koski (Fin), Nicolas Muller (Sui), Nate Johnston (AUS), Sebbe De Buck (Bel), Ethan Morgan (All/USA), Sacha Moretti (Fra), Eliot Pentecote (Fra)