When: Sun 24th of February 2008

Where: Chamrousse, France

The "Wise ride crew" are keeping their schedule pretty busy. Before their Intercrew event end of March, Brynild Vulin, Bruno Rivoire and the rest of the crew gathered a bunch of riders on a very sunny sunday, for the O.U.T. contest. In the morning was the AM qualifications, with series of imposed tricks: 180°-360°-540°-720°-sw 540-sw 720. And guess what: the best AM easily qualified with switch 720. In the afternoon was the famous O.U.T. contest on a combination of a tabletop and a rail.

For the first time the world famous O.U.T. usualy challenged by skateboarders, was adapt to snowboarding: the riders compete into pools of 3, first pool chooses its obstacle (jump or rail) and annonce the tricks that they are going to perform. If it's stomped, the other riders must do the same, or they take a letter. When a rider have the three letters from the word O.U.T, he's desqualified. Simple isn't it? At night the super finale was mainly composed of new comers with a huge baggage of tricks from Gabriel Ribet, Ludovic Bart, Gaby Bessy and Eybert Berard: FS 720 nose grab, back flip straight, 180 BS double shifty, BS Rodeo indy, FS 720 lien, BS 720 mute...

Until it finishes with a face to face between two super technical riders: Gaby Ribet, who stomped a switch BS 720 stalefisch, and Gaby Bessy having to do the same. Unfortunately for him, the grab wasn't as good, and he finished second. Gaby Ribet is the winner of this first edition of the O.U.T contest, and at the same time takes the 500 $ of prize money.

Photos: Wise Ride/Brynild Vulin.