The third edition of this season ender in the French Pyrenees was also the craziest one....

In a small, no, actually really tiny ski resort in the French Pyrénées, Cauterets, had happened the most famous freestyle event from all around the whole Pyrénées on the 22nd and the 23rd of April, the RENDEZ-VOUS. With more than 220 riders, a crazy atmosphere, nice people, great level with some of the best French freestylers, all that mixed with the so famous Pyrenees touch of craziness... it was the perfect cocktail for an amazing weekend!


The Beginning

This year, again, the shape company ho5 parks, which comes from Cauterets, built an amazingly creative snowpark, helped by a crew of riders from the Pyrénées: Matière Blanche. From shred features to big transfers, all riders were able to find their own lines.

To start with on Friday, all the crews from the main French mountain chains got the chance to hit the genius-shaped set up for themselves. A private shoot organized as a jam session welcomed crews like UghUghUgh, Les Tubes de Glace, Classe de Neige, Pyrénées Circus, Chop Chop, SPC, h.o.5park, Fluofun, Matière Blanche, Denjo’s, Chibroli, Tuna, What’s Your Name, Aktaes, NoSafe, l’Union Pyrénéenne, Pow-wow mag and even Crapules with a Mathieu Crépel as guest were on fire on all features!


Pretty big corks, slashes, and so much fun, mixed with smiles and a sunny day, the RENDEZ-VOUS definitely started as we all wanted it to! Though it’s spring time, the ski resort wasn’t open to late, so around 3pm, after a big reshape for the next day contest, it’s time for some afternoon drinks and a big pool party at the Bains du Rocher. Be in a jacuzzi with a glass of Champagne by watching Crew’s edit, yeahhhh this is how the first party began. After a quick drink at the Royalty, it’s time for all the riders to rest a bit before the next day which is announced to be sunny and insane...


8 features, a thousand lines, 220-plus riders: THE JAM SESSION...

Same spot, but this time open to all the riders. The jam session is on, and the set up will be smashed all day long by more than 220 motivated riders. Through the tunnel, over a nice volcano jump, groupies and visitors had a great freestyle show. We almost forget the judges, who had a hard job to finally give the win to Axel Ransinangue (Matière Blanche) and Mareion Gouwy (Classe de Neige) for the girls. The rest of the day was a bunch of riding and happiness ended by an “apéro" awards in town. Then, over 106 hungry riders were packed on two tables for what we called the family brunch: kind of a Buckingham Pyrénées Palace dinner! As a respectful event, we all went to the place to be for partying in Cauterets, the Royalty Cafe, for a long and an awesome night!


A huge thanks to the partners for making this event happen: Cauterets, Oakley, Nitro, Dakine, Neff, ho5park, N’PY, le Royalty et l’association Cauterets 6 mets. Big up to all the shapers for the hard work: Oakley Cauterets Park, ho5 Alpes, Matière Blanche, Chibroli and to Cauterets village and ski resort staff!

Through spirit, riding, motivation and a good mood, the RENDEZ-VOUS showed us again that this event is the event to be part of!

Rendez-Vous next year for the #rdv2018.

Rendez-Vous 2017 Results

Snowboard Men

1 Axel Ransinangue

2 Paul Veron

3 Yannis Tourki

Snowboard Women

1 Marion Gouwy

2 Marine Auriol

3 Stéphanie Fabre et Clélia Bultheel (ex aequo)

Snowboard Kids

1 Théo Escaffre